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MI Sand Dunes

Venom Motorsports started in 2010 as a Jeep performance shop specializing in Hemi swaps and aftermarket accessories. We still love the Jeeps but over the last few years we have grown out of this niche market and have expanded into all genres of automobiles. Cars, trucks, SUV’s, and Jeeps are all common builds that we see now. As we’ve grown into these other markets we’ve added new product lines and are working with more vendors then ever. From the beginning the goal at Venom Motorsports is to bring you the best performance, accessories, and styling available from hundreds of trusted product lines. We won’t put just anything on your vehicle, but make it our job to research the latest technologies and trends to make sure you have a vehicle that is up to date. With a small team, it gives everyone the chance to have a voice and bring new ideas to the table. We don’t want to just follow the pack, but lead it. In July 2013, we launched our online store to give you even more opportunities to buy the products you need. From putting Hemi’s in Jeeps to building vehicles you see at your local dealerships and all over town, Venom is constantly growing, evolving, but not forgetting where we came from. We’re excited to continue expanding our lines and business throughout Grand Rapids, the state of Michigan, and the Midwest.

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