Used Parts

Chevy Headlight ConversionOften a vehicle will arrive straight from the dealer. OR a customer has decided to make their older ride a bit more stylish – like this 2009 Chevy Headlight conversion.

When that happens, we end up with some perfectly good and nearly new parts that can’t be sold as new, but might be something you need for your vehicle.

Check with us first if you have a need that we might just be able to fill. You could help us empty our shelves and save some bucks at the same time. We may keep these spare parts in inventory or just have the part you’re looking for in our stock room. Hard parts such as shocks & springs, exhausts, wheels and tires, bumpers, fenders. The list goes on.

For questions about or requests for used parts please use the contact us page form to submit or call the shop at (616) 635-2519.

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